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am I at risk?


Hi there I appreciate for what you are doing it really helps the worried soul along with that we get to know more about HIV virus. I do have a few questions which is worrying me of a possible exposure. In fact there are two such incidents. Basically I live in UAE and we have to go through medical test after every 2 years to renew our visa. And if some one caught with HIV that individual will be arrested and thrown out of country without given a chance to settle his/her things around before leaving or not even giving chance to contact there families. These are my worries:

I went massage parlours very often, but most of the time I ended up having a hand job by the busty Asian masseuse and may be squeezing her boobs while she's doing it. I never got far in any of the sexual advancement except for 2 times . First incident I got carried away due to one hot masseuse- I kissed her deeply for sometime no blood and no wound in my mouth after that I tasted her boobs but never touched her nipples with my tongue and fingered her vagina with kissing her no oral, anal, vaginal intercourse but I ended up have a boob job till I ejaculated. And the 2nd incident all same but at the end I ejaculate in between the lady legs I am worried as my renewal is near and I cant even test myself here as if its positive I will be highlighted and caught please help :(



Kissing is a no risk activity for HIV (saliva does not pass the HIV virus). Tasting or sucking on breasts is also a no risk activity because there is no exchange of bodily fluids. Boob jobs, handjobs and massages are also no risk.

Fingering is a negligible risk (there is a theoretical risk if there was an open wound on your finger) but there are no recorded cases of anyone acquiring HIV in this way. Based on what you have described to me here you are not at risk of HIV. I hope that this information reassures you.