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Am I at risk?


Hi and thanks for your great service. I had a drunk night and wound up going to a hotel with a girl from a bar. I never ever do this but it happened. We played manually (I fingered her and her anus) and I received oral sex twice. At one point I was between her legs and pushed against her with a limp dick and I don't think I could penetrate her as I was not hard. She reached down to push but I back away. A second time she was going to get on top and I stopped her as I didn't use condoms. Am I at any risk for contacting HIV - I am going to get tested for STIs as I realize that is a risk. But what is my risk for HIV? I have no idea about her sexual history although she said she has been tested in the past and was clean. I am freaking out a bit today. dumb, drunk decision but one I can't take back. Thank you.


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you're concerned about the possibility of HIV transmitting during an encounter. We're happy to answer your question for you.

Receiving unprotected oral sex is considered a negligible risk activity, meaning that while transmissions are theoretically possible, no transmissions have been observed to occur this way. Any fingering or pressing of your body against hers are no risk activities, meaning HIV cannot transmit this way. To see the risks associated with these and many other common activities, we encourage you to check out our risk assessment chart.

Have you ever been for an HIV test? We at AIDS Vancouver recommend routine HIV testing for all sexually active individuals, so if you've never been for a test we encourage you to go. As for testing after this specific encounter, we'd say it is not necessary.

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope it has been answered fully.


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