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Anal sex with HIV positive partner



I got a HIV test result Negative in July 2015 and the test’s name is HIV Combi PT. The test was conducted at:
– 17th week after unprotected anal sex
– 16th week after protected anal sex
– 10th week after unprotected oral sex
– 29th day after my partner fingered my anus

Should I get tested again? I had an unprotected oral sex a few days ago which makes me worried now.

All the exposures occurred with my partner - a HIV positive person.

Many thanks!


Hi there and thank you for reaching out for to AIDS Vancouver with your questions!

It sounds like you're concerned about HIV testing and whether or not you should get tested.

Here in Canada, all tests are considered conclusive at 3 months (12 weeks) after your most recent exposure. However, most HIV specialists consider the 4th Generation Combo test (which tests for both antigens produced by the virus and antibodies produced by your body) conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure.

Here is a copy of our Risk Assessment Chart, which outlines the risk associated with each type of activity. Giving oral sex and protected anal sex are considered Low Risk activities, while receiving oral sex and fingering are considered to be Negligible Risk activities. Moreover, unprotected anal sex is considered to be a high risk activity, but your HIV test was 17 weeks post-activity, which is well after the 12 weeks conclusive mark for testing.

Here at AIDS Vancouver, we encourage all those that are sexually active to undergo regular HIV testing. Keep in mind that all tests are considered conclusive at 3 months after your most recent exposure, which would be the unprotected oral sex a few days ago.

I hope I answered your question, and feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Sierra, Helpline Volunteer

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