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Anal with stool


Hi. I am 32 years old. Few days back I came to know more about HIV and became more worried. In march I met a guy. we went to hotel. he put on condom on his penis. i suck for a minute or so then he tried to penetrate in me. it was harder so he used small amount of sunblock cream. He did it for 30 second but that was my first time. I didnt feel good and ask him to stop. when his penis was out. my stool was on tip of condom. he carefully withdraw condom and i didt find stool on his penis. also he didnt ejaculate but had some precum. Now i am very worried. what is risk of getting HIV. after that incident i didnt have flu or fever or any other HIV symptoms. please advise


Hi there and thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. My name is Colin and I'm happy to answer your questions today.

From what I understand you had protected oral and anal sex with your partner and are now worried about your risk of HIV exposure. These activities are considered low risk meaning that there have been reported cases of transmission these ways when certain conditions are met such as a broken condom AND the presence of HIV. If these conditions weren't met in your exposure--which it sounds like they weren't--then you can consider your exposure a very low risk.

I notice in your post that you mentioned that you used sunblock cream as a lubricant while you were having sex. Lubricants that are not water based (oil, silicon, petroleum jelly, etc) should not be used during sex with condoms. The oils have the potential to damage the condom and can increase the chance that they will break so it is recommended to use water based lubricant (and lots of it!) during protected anal sex.

I would definitely recommend you check out the Smart Sex Resource for some really good information both on how to safely and comfortably engage in whatever types of sexual activities you'd like, as well as risks and protections for various sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

I hope I managed to answer your questions today. Feel free to post again if you'd like any more information.

All the best,


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