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I've been through two incidents prior to this, the first (unprotected sex) and second (dabbing) which had caused me to live in anxiety for a long time. However I was tested negative for both situations (multiple tests over three months period after exposure) and stopped having sex.

However recently I just got into another incident, where the guy did not have a condom and rubbed his penis on me for minute? I immediately told him to stop after feeling a slight jab on my anus. I don't think it penetrated, there was no lube and I did not feel any pain at all. I was also able to stop the movement with my buttcheeks. I fear it penetrated, since I did not have sex for a long time and rarely do in the first place I would not know. Also there was no fluid, as the whole situation was very abrupt.

Again now im suffering from anxiety and counting the days until i can get tested in six weeks, meanwhile unable to do anything because of my agonizing mind. It may be because I had such bad prior experiences, that im so used to worrying. I was hoping that you could briefly asses my risk? also for future reference, what signals/feelings constitutes that something has penetrated into me?


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

Sorry to hear that you've been really worried lately; feeling anxious is never a fun feeling! Since you mentioned that you tested negative with at least one test 3 months after each of your first two exposures, in this post we will focus on your most recent incident, which sounds as though it was penis to anus rubbing. If you're questioning whether or not the penis penetrated you, it's pretty safe to say that you were not penetrated: that sort of thing is something you would definitely know and would not have to question.

Penis to anus rubbing would be considered a negligible risk activity from an HIV risk perspective. What this means is that, although we could think about how HIV could technically be transmitted from one person to another, there has never actually been a confirmed report of HIV transmission occurring through this activity. Hopefully this helps ease your worries a bit as you wait to get your next test.

In terms of when to go for testing, you could think about going earlier than the 6 week mark if you're really worried and if you think it will help put your worries to rest. The pooled RNA NAAT (AKA the "Early Test") detects viral RNA in the blood and has a window period of just 10 to 12 days. You could check with your local testing centre to determine whether or not this test would be appropriate (and available) for you. Otherwise, most people develop detectable antibodies (the substances that Rapid tests, 3rd generation tests, and 4th generation tests look for) within 21 to 25 days of infection. While your results would not be considered conclusive if you tested this early, they would at least give you a pretty strong indicator of whether or not you acquired HIV from this encounter.

In the meantime, you may find it helpful to check out this website - AVERT: I'm Worried About HIV & AIDS.

Thanks again for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. Hopefully you've found this information helpful!

All the best,


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