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Anxiety after rapid test



I am sorry to bother but I am scared and I would like to have an answer.

My story is stupid. I had partially protected sex (the oral part happened without condom) with an escort. I took two test of fourth generation after this, the last one 11,5 weeks after this episode and they were both negative.

I had a rapid test last monday almost one year after exposure and it was also negative. But while I was waiting for the test results, filled with anxiety, I touched the table on which it was performed with the finger that had just been stung. There was no apparent trace of blood but I got scared somebody who was infected could have touched this table before me.

Is there any risk of infection in that case? I know my question might seem stupid but in the turmoil of scare I am living, I can't get rational all alone.

Thanks a lot for your answer in advance,


Hi there,

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Congratulations on your negative test results! Your test results are conclusive, as all HIV tests are conclusive 12 weeks post exposure. And also, great job on taking the initiative to use a condom - it's the best way to protect yourself against STI's such as HIV!

There is No Risk in you touching the table after getting your finger pricked. HIV is a delicate virus that cannot survive outside of the body. This means that when the virus is exposed to the outside environment, it becomes damaged and can no longer be transmitted, thus eliminating any risk.

It may be helpful for you to consult this website http://www.avert.org/hiv-transmission-prevention which really helps to outline how HIV is transmitted!

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