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Anxiety to get transmitted HIV


Hello Aidsvancouver Helpline, first i want to say thank you for answer my question.

I live in Jakarta

Few years ago i met guy near my house he was settled foreigner. He work as musician, play a lot of musical intruments. And i actually come to her room play music and jamming with guitar and flute (recorder) and any other musical instruments. He is died 5 august 2015, that make me want to know what the cause he was died.and i read a lot information about aids that similar symptoms to him. Like sarcomma ,herpes ,her nails,tongue,loss weight and antiretroviral he was used.Long time im not meet him approximately 3-4months or more and indeed i dont come to her funeral.I afraid that i was use her nail clipper or drop of blood to my eye or mosquitos or any other insects or any accidental thing to get me transmitted virus by him (there was my exposure). I got tested at health center with blood sample at 10 august and result was 11 august (Non-reactive/Negative). The counselor said to me your result is negative/non-reactive and these test print is confidential just you and me know your status.I afraid that my blood sample got swapped to other person. And i ask the counselor is that my blood sample swapped to the other?. He said no and convince there was only you got VCT tested on monday 10 august 2015. Im now worried (anxiety and despair) the result would change positive later for 3-6 months or more. My mind is too wild to get me into despair...

My questions :
1. Will im probably positive later?
2. Why the test result confidential?
3. How and what the virus transmission way?
4. Im anxiety and fear with person who HIV positive what should i do?


Hello, thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver. We are happy to help answer your questions.

I am very sorry for your loss, of your friend. However I am happy to let you know that there is no risk for acquiring HIV from the situations that you have described.

The risk of acquiring HIV only occurs when you are engaging in a RISK ACTIVITY that involves a specific BODY FLUID (blood, semen, vaginal fluids, pre-cum, breast milk) to have DIRECT ACCESS FOR THE VIRUS TO ENTER THE BLOODSTREAM. This usually happens through high risk activities such as unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse of sharing of needles.
It is also important to know that once HIV leaves the human body and is exposed to air, the virus is damaged and cannot be passed to another person anymore. This means that there is no risk of acquiring HIV by coming into contact with objects. HIV also cannot be transferred by insects either.

If you were not engaged in high risk activities (such as unprotected vaginal/anal sex) and the encounters with your friend were what you have described such as sharing of objects, there is no a risk for you to have acquired HIV. You can read more about HIV transmission here.

HIV testing is reliable and gives you accurate results of your HIV status, when tested at the right testing window period. HIV tests gives you conclusive results at 3-months after exposure. However, because it seems that you did not have a risk exposure, it seems that there is no need for further testing.
HIV tests are often confidential because some people want to keep their health information to themselves. Doctors keep HIV tests confidential to protect your privacy, and not because there is a risk of swapping samples. Most clinical setting have a secure system to avoid such mistakes.

Many people become very worried and concerned about HIV. This link that provides you information about fear and anxiety related to HIV may be helpful for you.

I hope this information answered your questions.

All the best,
Risa, Helpline Volunteer

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