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begging for reply for 6th day please reply



i met a women hiv status unknown , we did not had sex , but i kissed her ( french kiss deep ) and sucked her breasts and nipples
. i wanna know please help

1. is it possible to get hiv through kissing as i kissed her many times , but i dont have any cuts or sores in my mouth , i cant tell about her ( we exchanged saliva , is it possible if she had cuts or sores in her mouth and she is hiv positive the blood from her mouth came into mine and went to my stomach can i get hiv , or the blood might get me infected bec it came to my mouth ( i did not tasted any blood )

2. i sucked her breasts and nipples , it is possible that i may get infected by sucking breasts and nipples no liquid come out while sucking

i am worried , we didnt had sex at all , just deep kissing and breasts and nipple sucking

please reply i am begging for your reply from past 6 days ,
do i need hiv testing ,
i am worried

begging for help and reply


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about whether you were exposed to a risk of HIV transmission through the acts of french kissing, and nipple sucking.

  1. From the information given, this scenario (deep french kissing) is determined to be No Risk : Transmission of HIV is not possible with the given scenario. (No exchange of bodily fluids). Kissing without the presence of blood is not considered to be a method of HIV transmission. HIV is not transmitted through casual social contact such as hugging, kissing, shaking hands, sharing a toilet, or dishes (1).

  2. Sucking or licking breasts that are not lactating is also considered to be a No Risk act, again (Transmission of HIV is not possible with the given scenario).

Neither of these activities have warranted any HIV risk and thus, do not warrant HIV testing.

Recommendation: No need for HIV test with the scenario provided, refer to a physician for other health related questions.