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Better safe than sorry


i would like to thank the people who help answers these questions, this is very useful.
Okay, so my co-worker and i had protected sex a couple of weeks ago. But during sex he ejaculated and kept going with the same codom. I then told him to take it off and put on a new one, which he did. I dont know him for that long to know if he has hiv or not. What are the chances of me getting hiv and should i get tested ?


Hello used correctly a condom will not allow the HIV virus to pass from one person to another. Just because your partner continued intercourse after ejaculation does not put you at any higher risk.

The activities that may pass HIV are having unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse with a person living with HIV. And from injecting with shared needles. Most people in the World are not living with HIV and your partner ins most likely not living with HIV.

Vaginal/anal intercourse with a condom is considered a low risk and if the condom did not break or tear you are not at any risk for exposure to HIV. Testing for all sexually transmitted infections is recommended for all sexually active persons. Education, practicing safe sex, communication and routine testing will ensure that you are never exposed to HIV.