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Bicycle accident



I was crossing the street, when a bicycle suddenly came non-stop and collided to me.

Unfortunately, we were both bleeding quite heavily, and we both had open wounds (because of injury as a result from the crash) I am very concerned now because I am sure that there was blood-blood contact, and I do not even know about the person's HIV status. Should I go to VGH and do you think a PEP would be necessary?


Hello as you have been severely injured we do recommend that you do seek medical attention. For HIV to be passed from this incident, the bike rider or you would have to be living with HIV, not receiving HIV medication and you would have had to have an exchange of body fluids that directly access your bloodstream. These factors would all have to be in place for this to be considered a low risk. This information you have provided is considered negligible as you have no confirmed exchange of body fluids

We at the Helpline cannot advise taking or not taking the highly powerful and difficult to tolerate, medication (PEP). This is a decision that only you and an infectious disease specialist can decide.

Generally in Vancouver, PEP is prescribed to people who have had a known exposure to HIV infection. Know exposure refers to having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with a person living with HIV, and identifying as having shared needles with a person living with HIV. Occupational exposure in the work place may also require PEP treatment.

We are hopeful that you will be OK, and please consider seeing a doctor to address your injuries.