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bitten tongue oral sex


Two days ago I got my tongue biten when I eat some food.Yesterday I lick a man's penis. I always avoid penis head and do lick around balls area and I think some pre *** leak, when I licking near his penis head I taste precum. ,at the moment I taste precume I stop and wipe my tongue. 1. I think his little leaked precum already contact with air for a moment 2. My biten tongue sore already 24 hours.but it still pain 3. At the moment I taste it I wipe my tongue From this situation am I at risk and need testing? 


Hello and thanks for the questions, giving oral sex to a man or a woman is considered a low risk for passing HIV and having an open cut, or sore in your mouth may allow the virus to enter the bloodstream. While this is a low risk activity we doe recommend testing for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Many sexually transmitted infection are easier to pass while giving oral sex, such as chlamydia or syphilis. While we are hopeful that you will find that you are not living with HIV, please do consider having testing done.

Please let us know how everything works out. Yours sincerely,