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Black Cumim Seed - HIV Window Period


I have a question regarding HIV test window period. I dont want to discuss the exposure but I just wanted to tell that I have been consuming black cumin seed from past 1.5 years daily in the morning. Heard it has curing properties, does it in a way affect my 4th gen hiv test result done at 12 weeks. I mean does it delay the seroconversion ? I stopped consuming black cumin seed at 10 week post exposure but now I am really confused what is to be done ? Shall I  test again in 2-3 months or shall I just let it go. Please give your sincere advise.



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you are asking about the effect of black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa) on HIV tests.

According to a study done by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, consuming quantities of Nigella sativa on a daily basis can cause the CD4 count of the patient to decrease, though this is uncommon. The study followed one person who consumed 20 mls of Nigella sativa per day for 6 months. This caused the person to become Undetectable, but still HIV positive.This is an example of an extremely rare case with extenuating circumstances. Further, this study has a major flaw in that it only followed one individual. Although this study claims " the fact that there are possible therapeutic agents in Nigella sativa that may effectively control HIV infection," it cannot be considered applicable to all situations. Due to a lack of evidence it is difficult to apply this study to your particular circumstance.

Because of this we would recommend speaking to a doctor about your circumstances, and also maybe getting retested later depending on the results of your 4th generation test.

Hopefully this helps a little, Regards,

Sara, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online