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bodily fluid splash


Cleaning out a beside commode of an HIV positive patient, water from the beside commode splashed on my arm where I had a mosquito bite from about an hour earlier. No actual body fluid (possible bloody stool) splashed on my arm, just a tiny bit of water from the rinsed out bucket. Am I at any risk?



No, you are not at risk of transmitting HIV from this scenario. HIV is a human to human virus and cannot be transmitted from human to bedpan to human. I would strongly urge you to update your information regarding HIV transmission as it seems to be pertinent to your day to day work.

This equation should help:

In order for the possibility of transmission to occur, one of each of the following must be present: i) Body fluids with high levels of HIV including blood, semen, rectal secretions, pre-cum and vaginal fluids ii) An activity, such as unprotected sex, sharing needles or mother to child iii) Direct access to your blood stream via the anus, vagina, urethra, open and actively bleeding cuts or sores or point of needle injection.

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