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can i belive serum antiobies test of hiv1 and 2 after 8 months


i deeply kissed a prositute before 9 months ago..i know kissing is a low risk activity ,bt ma tongue was burned by a tea before kissing and ma mouth was ulcer also.there would be tongue involed in the kissing just 10 seconds..that was a mistake by me i totally worried after this..i loose ma weight by this incident
i tested hiv card test after 60 days it was neagtive ..my weight was gained more than older bt now after 8 months ni caught a mild fever and i have a very small pain on knee it is persist more than 2 months and some rashes were seeing in ma skin so i worried and i tested serum antibodies aganist hiv 1 and 2 after 8 months it was non reactive ,,bt i am still worries and serching every day about hiv on internet. i i have some question
1- can i belive ma test report
2- how much realiable hiv antibody test of serum after 8 months
3- i have a very small knee pain sometime,and it never goes ..


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

I would just like to note that kissing is actually a No Risk activity. This is because saliva doesn't transmit HIV, and the mouth doesn't provide entry way for the virus to the blood stream. Additionally, saliva contains enzymes that break down bacteria and viruses, adding further protection.

I'd also like to let you know that we try to avoid discussing symptoms in relation to HIV, since HIV symptoms are vague and often mimic other viral infections like the flu. Testing is the only way to be certain of your status, so great job on taking the initiative to go and get tested! Additionally, the symptoms you describe are not the typical HIV symptoms.

1) the only way to move on is to accept that test results are accurate! you've had several negative test results over the span of a few months, and that is great indication and reason to trust them. your test results are completely conclusive, because all HIV tests are conclusive after 12 weeks. (3 months)

2) Antibody tests are conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure, so an 8 month test is completely conclusive and reliable!

3) Knee pain is not associated with HIV. I suggest you partner with a doctor to try to determine the possible cause of that knee pain. I hope you feel better!

I hope this helped! For more information about HIV and how it's transmitted, please visit avert.org



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