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can you get HIV or other STDs just in time one


I did an unprotected sex with a sex commercial , i want to know can you get HIV or other STDs just in time one sex? i don't have her medical status, My test reports are cleared but still confused cause of feeling symptoms and anxiety.



Yes, you can get an STI or HIV from having sex only once, although it is unlikely. Using a condom during sex is the best way to protect you your partners.

If your tests were performed by a medical professional, and you were tested for HIV at least 3 months after this encounter, then your results are conclusive and you do not have HIV. HIV is diagnosed based on test results not symptoms. This is because the "symptoms" of HIV mirror those of many other common ailments. Anxiety and stress can make you feel sick too. If your symptoms continue I encourage you to speak with a doctor.

I hope that this information helps reduce your anxiety