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chance to get hiv


2 months ago I was talking with a homeless man, and he accidentally spat on my face. I did not wipe off immediately, it was on my face 1-2 minutes or more. I don't know that his  saliva had blood or not, but if had, and I had micro wounds (because my skin was very dry) on my skin, then it was a risk situation, or I'm too paranoid? (I  wiped off this with my finger)
And this homeless man touched my hair, and immediately after I touched too right there where he did. If his hand was bloody and I have micro wounds on my finger (because my skin was very dry), then it was a risk situation, or I'm too paranoid again?
Can I get HIV If I have micro wounds or dry skin?
Is it true that HIV die immediately after leave the body? Then a bloody spit is innocuous?
What if I had open bloody wound and it met his bloody salvia just I did not notice it? Or what if his bloody saliva went in my mounth where I had maybe a lot of wound?
Sorry for my silly questions, but I'm very afraid from HIV.
And sorry for my bad english too.


Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

For a risk to exist, specific HIV positive fluids (vaginal/anal fluids, blood, semen) must come into direct contact with the blood stream of an HIV negative person. Even if your skin had micro wounds (which doesn't necessarily provide access to your bloodstream), the potentially contaminated saliva would pose no risk. Human saliva actually inhibits the growth of the HIV virus, and transmission cannot occur that way.

You are being a little too paranoid, transmission of the HIV virus doesn't occur as easily as you may think. In fact, the HIV virus cannot survive in an open air environment. The virus dies within seconds of being outside the body.

If you have further concerns, you can always reach out to a medical health professional.

In health,

Moe, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.