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Cigarette burn finger is it risk ?


I read finger is safe if not have open wounds with fresh and bleeding
But If i had cigarette burn finger and my finger into women with hiv .Is it risk ?

Cigarette run out when I holding and I got cigarette burn finger ( I think it not deep) before 4-5 days before, I see small blister in first day but i 've not sure when blister disappear
After 4-5 days if I touch vaginal Is it high risk ?


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. It sounds like you are concerned about your risk of HIV transmission if you are fingering a vagina while having a cigarette burn.

Fingering is considered a Negligible Risk activity. This means that the practices assigned to this risk level present a potential for HIV transmission because they do involve the exchange of body fluids. However, there has never been a confirmed report.

HIV needs direct access to enter the bloodstream. The cigarette burn on your finger is a superficial wound that does not provide direct access to your bloodstream. For a superficial wound to potentially provide direct access to the blood steam, it would have to be actively bleeding and require medical attention, such as stitches. From my understanding of the situation, this was not the case.

I would encourage you to check out the following websites for more information about HIV:



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