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Am from India and i had a sex with a south korean prostitute, am very sure it is protected vaginal sex, from second day am started searching in google about hiv and i got in to stress, gone mad with mind, am speaking with me for past 8 weeks.. I can't able to control my stress, and
I have went fot lot of hiv duo combo test in past 8 weeks
Tested at 22 days non reactive
At 30 days non reactive
At 42 days non reactive
At 45 days non reactive
At 50 days non reactive
At 53 days non reactive
At 57 days non reactive
At 65 days non reactive
All these test are CMIA method
My anxiety doesn't go away
I have throat pain fr all those 8 weeks & White tongue
Is my results are conclusive, Do i need to go for another test. What are the possibilities of positive at 12th week


Hello there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the conclusiveness of the series of HIV tests you received following your safe-sex exposure approximately 8 weeks ago.

It appears as though you were more than diligent and responsible with your actions to seek testing following your exposure. Each and every one of these exams has a very high accuracy rate. Most HIV specialists agree that 4th Generation Tests are conclusive at 6 weeks (1), and it appears as though your last test results were given at roughly 9 weeks post exposure. Because of this, you can confidently consider your results to be negative and conclusive. Official HIV guidelines recommend re-testing at 12 weeks post exposure, yet you received multiple HIV exams from the first weeks following exposure and forwards which all returned non reactive. As your results leading up to the 9 week post exposure results were all non reactive, it is highly unlikely that your 12 week post exposure confirmation test would return positive.

Recommendation: Your test results are can be considered highly conclusive, yet official HIV guidelines recommend re-testing at 12 weeks post exposure for completely conclusive results.

All the best, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody