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CMIA Test Result: Non Reactive (0.10)


I'm male of 34 years age. I had sex with some unknown girl whom I met online on Jan 20. Initially I didn't wear condom for may be around 1 min and then later on I used condom and had sex. I had tridot test multiple times 4 weeks, 90 days, 104 days and 5.5 months after the exposure. All the results came back negative or non-reactive. Today I had CMIA test (its exactly 6 months today) and the resume is Non-reactive (0.10).
Result says non-reactive but my concern is about the 0.10 mentioned in the parenthesis.
I'm really going crazy with the results. Can you please confirm if the CMIA test result non-reactive is conclusive and if yes, what does this 0.10 means.

Please help me...


Hi there thanks for contacting us with your questions!

I'm happy to let you know that your HIV tests are negative! Congratulations!

Non-reactive means that you are indeed HIV negative, there was no HIV detected in your body. The 0.10 is a technical term about the assay and would take a molecular biology course to explain! there's no need to worry about this number, it is just a detail about how the assay works. all that matters is your test was non-reactive, so you're HIV negative.

I hope this helped!



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