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Confused with the WINDOW PERIOD details - Please advise


Once again thanks for your time and support....

Here is the story.. and I really need your assistance to understand the window period...

On April 20th 2014 , I had 2 protected sex (used 2 diff condoms for each encounter) with 2 different female escorts in same room.... the room was very dark ......they only rolled the condom on me and removed after intercourse (for one instance I ejaculated inside and for other lady I have ejaculated outside)... due to the darkness in room, I m not very sure about the break/leak/dental damage/ quality of condoms and etc............. ...one good thing is... I asked them to do blow job without condom but they refused to do anything without condom.

Day 2 (April 22): Had fever and chills (went to doctor on same day and took some antibiotics) (doc gave 5 days course but I took only for three days)

Day 14(May 4) : Again had fever (from past 3 days continuously had food outside ) went to different doctor and he again gave me antibiotics(this time monocef o 200 mg - 5 days course ...this time I took complete 5 days course)...

The worry started and I started thinking more about the incident and HIV....was so tensed and scared of it.....I know symptoms over rule testing and testing is the only method to check the HIV status.(I have learned and understood this from your site)

Test details:

Day 15 (May 5th): Serology Antibody 1 & 2 (Non Reactive) (not sure which test)

Day 25 (May 15th): Tri-Dot method Antibody 1 & 2 (Non Reactive)

Day 34 (May 24th) : ECLIA Antibody 1 & 2 Non Reactive (0.05) (lab says its 3rd generation test)

Day 43 (June 02nd) : Tri-dot method Antibody 1 & 2 (Non Reactive)

Day 47 (June 06th) : CMIA Antibody 1 & 2 (Non Reactive) (0.12) (not sure what test is this , the lab technician told its a 4th generation screening test)

Day 60 (June 19th): CMIA antibody 1 & 2 (Non Reactive) (0.17) (this is other lab from the above CMIA test, this lab also says its 4th generation screening test)..........................................

I m still worried about window period, many site says, CMIA (Micro particle immune assays) are as good as conclusive after 28 days.. some says antibody test is conclusive only after 12 weeks...........some sites say 3 months is very conservative and most of the infections are detectable by 4-5 weeks...........in this modern technology...........

Please help me to understand here.. I’m so scared and went In depression... lost weight.....not mingling with anyone these days.................... I also had VDRL test 42nd day (negative), Hep B 60th day test (Non Reactive), Urine culture and sensitivity test 43rd day (no bacteria found in 48hrs of incubation )……… CBP test is normal there is a slight elevation in RBC count (normal range is 5.5 and mine is 5.9) all other WBC count, platelet count is normal…..

Awaiting for your response...please help me……sorry for the long email and bad English……..

Thank s In advance,


Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

The World Health Organization guidelines consider all testing to be conclusive at 84 days (12 weeks).

With that being said, tests such as the 4th Generation EIA (DUO or COMBO Tests) are 99.9% accurate at 6 weeks post possible exposure. You have done multiple tests, the last of which was at 60 days post exposure. It is highly unlikely that your test results are going to change, if you were to get retested at 84 days post possible exposure.

In regards to the Antibody Test you have done has a 95% accuracy at 4-6 weeks post possible exposure.

I hope this gives you the peace of mind, in regards to the accuracy of the tests. Again, it is unlikely that your results are going to change to positive. If you have further questions, concerns in regards to HIV or even the changes in life style you've been dealing with (due to depression), I suggest that you reach out to a medical health professional in your area.

In health, Moe- AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.