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Cum falling on wet skin


I was in a sauna and a man sitting at the other end of the sauna 7 ft away began vigorously masturbating. We are sitting on the same side of the sauna facing the other wall at a distance of 7 ft from one another. I should have left but became aroused. There was no touching but I ended by masturbating myself but without ejaculation as this is my reality at this stage of my life. I dont believe that he ejaculated either as at the distance he was from me I could not see and I left the sauna. It is only after the fact that I became paranoid about that possibility that he could have ejaculated and that his sperm might have fallen on my penis. I did not observe this as happening but your advice and good counsel will apease my mind. Thanks for your quick response.


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the risk of HIV transmission in the event of non-insertive mutual masturbation.

From our understanding, the distance between you and the second individual did not allow an opportunity for transmission of fluids to occur between the two of you. However, in the event that the head of your penis had come into contact with the individuals seminal fluid, there is an extremely unlikely chance of HIV transmission. Theoretically, if seminal fluid from the other individual had directly been exposed to the head of your penis, this would warrant a Negligible Risk: (There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission). This would again, be an extremely unlikely event for HIV transmission to occur.

Recommendation: There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission refer to Physician for more personalized answers.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody