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Cuts And HIV Monday, December 16th HIV Transmission question to post.


Ya know I have seen several different answers on here regarding his transmission through cuts and all the answers vary. Some of you say stuff like what is said in the answer to this post that "paper cuts can slice through various layers of the skin allowing a access to the blood stream" and others say you cannot get HIV through cuts such as paper cuts as they are superficial cuts. What worries me are the different answers so which is the correct answer? I know it's considered "negligible" but why is it No you cannot one post and then the quote above in another post? Are cuts routes of transmission through touching surfaces with wet blood on it???



The reason that your typical cut or paper cut is not considered transmittable it because when a cut is exposed to a body fluid that body fluid has already been exposed to oxygen typically. HIV dies upon being exposed to oxygen and requires an air tight environment such is with sexual intercourse.

In cases where you may believe your cut is airtight, say with fingering, the fact of the matter is, unless your cut is open and actively bleeding it cannot put you at risk for transmission. The wound needs to be extensive, with a great deal of bleeding occurring in order for the possibility of HIV transmission. Once a cut has stopped bleeding it has begun the healing process, with your skin acting as a barrier for outside infections.

The only time that HIV has been transmitted via wounds was during a knife fight, where both parties present had fresh, very large and bloody wounds.

I hope this helps to clear things up for you.