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Doubting HIV test results


I had low risk exposure to possible HIV transmission - oral sex cunnilingus (I was the performer). I tested 3 times at 4 weeks, 12 weeks and 48 weeks periods. Test results were negative. But currently I started loosing weight. Year after possible exposure. Do I need farther re-testing?. Can I trust clinic tests? If I was positive would I started loosing weight at one year period (Do not have any other symptoms)?
Thanks in advance


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your questions! We're happy to help!

Giving oral sex is considered to be a Low Risk Exposure for HIV transmission. This means that there have been a few cases of transmission in this manner in the past, but they're usually under certain identifiable conditions. In the case of oral sex, a condition would be if you'd recently had major dental surgery done, leaving open and gaping wounds in your mouth. If this was not the case, your risk is greatly diminished.

Considering your risk level was so low to begin with, testing may not have even been recommended to begin with. However, it's always great to maintain regular HIV and STI testing to ensure optimal health, so great job on taking the initiative to go and get tested.

To help you accept your test results, consider the following information. Most people develop detectable antibodies to HIV just 21-25 days post exposure, meaning it's likely that even your first test was accurate. You continued to test at the conclusive window (12 weeks) and well past it, and I assure you those results are conclusive. If you were HIV+, you would definitely have been testing positive by 12 weeks and continue to test positive after that. A negative test result should be trusted, so congratulations.

Losing weight could be due to a lot of factors, including stressing about these test results. I urge you to partner with your healthcare professional to determine other possible causes of the weight loss, as it's definitely not HIV related.

I hope this helped! For more information about safe sex, please visit smartsexresource.com.



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