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Dry blood stained blade cut


I asked earlier but didn't get any answer.please help.
1 had a cut with a blade that had dry blood stain on bottom of it.top edge cut me.edge was clean.that blade is used for cutting plaster and bandages.I don't know from where that stain came.it was dry. Initially it was not bleeding and then I cleaned with spirit swab then small amount of blood was oozing. Bloos source unknown. I was afraid Did hiv antibody test on 22th day and antibody plus p24 test on 26th day.both came negetive. Do I need to retest?



Due to the high volume of emails and phone calls we are unable to get to everyone immediately. Rest assured, we will always answer your questions as soon as we can, alternatively, give us a call at the helpline.

To get to the bottom of your concern immediately, this is not a mode of HIV transmission. You cannot get HIV from dried blood.

I would not re-test for this matter, you are indeed HIV negative.

All the best,