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Dry Mouth Considered early sign of HIV?


I recently received unprotected oral sex from a woman of unknown status on 2 occasions within the past month. I Recently came down with 2 bad colds, back to back, and have very bad dry mouth. I went online to look up common causes of dry mouth, and saw that HIV was one of the many. Is dry mouth considered an early sign of an HIV infection? I feel like I may be symptom chasing at this point, but I am really concerned. I know receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk, are there any statistics to back that? There are just so many unknowns. Any help would be appreciated.



You are correct in that receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk for the transmission of HIV. What this means is that there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted this way.

At AIDS Vancouver we do not even recommend testing for those with a negligible risk.

We do not use symptoms as an indication of the presence of HIV. Symptoms can be highly variable and do not show up in everyone. The only way to be sure of your HIV status is to receive testing. There can also be many causes of dry mouth, and based on your encounter, there is almost no chance your dry mouth is caused by HIV.

Although you do not require testing, if you continue to have anxiety regarding HIV you could receive testing to know your status for sure. If you do decide testing is the right choice for you, HIV tests are considered conclusive 3 months post-exposure.

In health, Erin