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expired condom and PCR RNA


Hi. Thanks for the good work. I had sex with a lady of unknowm status, but i am not sure if the condom was expired. I read of a guy in the local newspaper who had sex with condom but still contracted the HIV virus. I asked a friend to buy another condom from the same buyer that i bought the condom from so that i can check the expiry dates, and he told me that the condom he bought will expire by may 2014 and so i assume that since they are most likely from the same pack, it was not expired. I am scared of microscopic holes in the condom due to possible expiration. I feel a lot of guilt and am messing up at work. I want to take the PCR RNA(not sure if it is pooled) test as i am 15 days post-exposure.I am to paranoid to wait for an ELISA. the lady seemed very worried about the HIV as she was highly insistent that we use a condom. I feel as though she is also scared of contracting the virus. Please help address all my concerns. Thanks


Hello life is full of risk however you have no reason to think that a condom has microscopic holes. It is most likely that the woman you were with is not living with HIV and wanted to protect herself from any infections you may have. generally people insist on condoms to keep both them and their partners safe. intercourse with a condom is considered a low risk for HIV and used correctly a condom will not allow the HIV virus to pass from one person to another.

Being scared will not serve you well and educating yourself and continuing to practice safe sex will ensure that you are never exposed to HIV.Guilt is very powerful and may lead to overall poor health, stress and anxiety,

An PCR test is best when done from 10 days to 3 weeks and if you are able to please have this early test done. After 3 weeks antibodies start to form and the PCR testing may not be read. After the 3 week window period it is recommended that all people testing for HIV have a conclusive and final HIV antibodies test done.

We are hopeful that you will be just fine and please do not hesitate to contact us again while testing.

respectfully yours,