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FEAR - Sex with prostitute and the condom broke


i had sex with prostitu.. I used a condom for vaginal sex but it broke,i dont stopped the aft that came to know the condom was broken .. what i do i fear unable to sleep at night thing about the same thing over and over,over .. i unable to speak with other what other do r think about me .. please give suggestion ...



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about risk of acquiring HIV through unprotected vaginal sex. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be high risk (evidence of transmission through these activities and is the majority of cases of transmission). For HIV transmission to occur, specific HIV positive fluids (semen, pre-cum, vaginal and rectal fluid, blood) must come into direct contact with the blood stream of an HIV negative person. This can be through mucous membranes found inside the rectum, vagina, penis and mouth.

Recommendation: Refer to Physician for HIV test. If you are continuously engaging in high risk activity there are biomedical approaches such as PrEP and PEP that help lower your risk of acquiring HIV. Refer to your physicians for further information.

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Ashley