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Fluids exposure PLZ help


My new boyfriend and I played around with each others privates.
There was a bit of fluid involved from both of us, and i touched his penis head alot and he fingered and rubbed me.
If we had our own fluids on our hands or fingers, can we transmit HIV this way?
We're both awaiting test results and had read masturbation is safe sex...but with our fluids we're both concerned.
Thanks for your advice,
Worried couple.



You are right! Engaging in mutual masturbation poses no risk for HIV transmission. We consider this more or a negligible risk-which means that although there are indeed body fluids present, there have never been any reported cases of HIV transmitted in this way.

HIV dies once exposed to oxygen, so it can't survive on our fingers and transmit during touching. It requires the close confines of unprotected intercourse or sharing needles.

Hope this helps to clear things up for the two of you. It sounds like you are doing everything right by asking questions and going to get tested. Remember, regular testing and utilizing condoms are the best ways to protect yourself and your partners from transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV.

All the best!