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Genital-Hand-Genital HIV Transmission


Hi, I had an encounter with a women yesterday and was wondering if there was any risk of HIV transfer (assuming she has HIV). No intercourse occurred but I did use baby oil and touched her vagina for a few minutes, I didn't put my fingers all the way in, just touched the top of the skin on the clitoral hood. I then straight away touched my penis on the top of the foreskin for less than 5 seconds, I may also have touched the head of penis in the process for a split second. Is it possible HIV could have been transferred this way? Also would the use of baby oil have increased my chances of a risk?


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your questions. We're happy to help!

The situation you describe is No Risk. The reason for this is that your fingers cannot acquire HIV, so touching the vagina is not a risk. Additionally, once the bodily fluids are on your hands (or anywhere outside of the body) the virus becomes inactivated and damaged and can no longer be passed on. This is why there's no risk from you touching your penis after.

Additionally, the baby oil would not have increased your risk of HIV.

I hope this helped! For more information about how HIV is transmitted, please visit avert.org



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