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getting HIV from engaging in oral sex


I recently had a brief encounter with a male. there was no anal sex and no penetration. i did, however give him oral sex both on his penis and briefly his buttocks area. there was no ejaculation on his part. what is my risk for contracting HIV and should i think about taking PEP? This encounter literally just happened. The other person was HIV negative and also taking PREP. Thank you for your honest answer here.



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about acquiring HIV from performing oral sex. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be Low Risk (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met).

HIV transmission occurs when bodily fluid containing HIV has direct access to the bloodstream of an individual through a high risk activity.

In this scenario, bodily fluids can be exchanged through this sexual activity (1). HIV transmission can occur through this activity when certain identifiable conditions are met. PEP should be considered when engaging in High Risk exposures (1). It is important to know that HIV can only be acquired from an individual that is living with HIV. It is always a great idea to know your status to lessen anxiety and maintain your health.

Despite the risk assessment we have provided, you noted that your partner is HIV negative and also taking PrEP, which, leads to No Risk of acquiring HIV overall.

Recommendation: Refer to Physician for HIV test.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Danielle