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Gloves dental xray


I have a question about dirty gloves. I'm not sure if the gloves the girl was wearing was clean. She was taking my dental xray. I noticed when she came to get be she already had it on. She kept touching inside my mouth with those gloves along with moving the dental xray machine with it. I'm worried the gloves she wore was dirty and if there was a possibility with someone else's salivia or even blood; would I be had risk for anything? HIV, etc.


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

It's important to note that the healthcare field is very meticulous about hygiene. Glove changing is very important and practiced very careful between patients, because the health care field aims to decrease the disease burden, not result in the further spread of infectious disease. Thus, it's extremely unlikely that your dentist was wearing dirty or contaminated gloves.

Additionally, even if they were from another patient, there would still be No Risk associated for HIV transmission in this situation. This is because of a couple of different reasons.

1) HIV is a very delicate virus that cannot survive outside of the human body. Thus, any bodily fluids on the gloves would be inactivated and the virus would not be able to be transmitted. Further, saliva doesn't even transmit HIV.

2) your mouth wound not provide direct access to the blood stream that is necessary for HIV transmission unless you had severe open wounds in your mouth, and even so, you'd have to get a considerable amount of someone elses blood in there to be at risk.

So overall, there is no risk in the situation you describe.

I hope this helped!



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