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Had sex with a ladyboy


I had sex with a ladyboy and we were not using condoms. We did blowjobs to each other and had bareback sex where we rotate being the receptive and insertive. Im not sure if she is hiv positive. We didnt cum into each other and always ejaculated out of the body. What are my chances of getting hiv if she was hiv positive?


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for you HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you have some questions about the risks involved in a recent encounter. We're happy to answer your question for you.

Unprotected sex (anal and vaginal) is considered a high risk activity. Oral sex is considered a low risk activity. High risk means that of the transmissions that have occurred, most have occurred during activities such as these. This doesn't mean a transmission occurred in your case. The fact that you did not ejaculate does not decrease the risk of the activity overall. Low risk means that while transmissions are possible, they require specific circumstances to occur usually (like you having had recent major dental surgery, for example). To see the risks associated with various activities, we encourage you to check out our risk assessment page.

We strongly encourage you to seek out a medical professional as soon as you can. We encourage you to ask about something called post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP. PEP is an oral medication given to prevent an HIV infection from establishing itself were you to be exposed. It is, however, only effective within 72 hours of exposure, so it is really important you seek it out as soon as you can.

We also encourage you to always use a condom for all of your encounters. Condoms substantially reduce the risk of transmission of HIV and other STIs. Should you need further information on condom use, we encourage you to check out one of our favourite resources at SmartSex.

Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope our answer has given you a bit of direction on what to do from here.


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