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hello again


You guys have been such a help for me so first i would like to thank you for your job , your patience and answering every question that i or anyone posting here ever had !
Really thank you .

I been asking so much for the past 2 months , about my hiv test generation, about it accuracy .....I have been testing so much but it seems that my anxiety doesnt want to go away from me .

Ac anti hiv duo serum/plasma ECLIA , i could not find nowhere something that says is fda approved and neither that is a fourth generation test , i mean no webpage for this hiv test . If you could provide me one i would be extremely grateful to you . I am not doubting your knowlege about hiv tests but i need a peace of my mind i still think i am infected

Can anyone hiv test results change from 3 to 6 months ? I am a healthy young woman who never got hospitalized but what if i been infected with HCV during my vaginal intercourses ? I took a test for it HCV and every other STD at week 12 and was back negative . Can Hep C delay hiv window period ?

Do u think i need more testing ? I cant move on with my life . I want to but i just can not :(
My first hiv test was at week 4 and my last at day 83 , one day shy from 12 weeks .


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you are still distressed on the accuracy of you test results.

From the information that you have provided, the "DUO" test that you took is most likely a 4th Generation test since it is looking for two factors. Furthermore, your test results are considered conclusive. If you are still concerned on the reliability of the "DUO" test you took I would suggest returning to the test location and for more information on the test, partner with your doctor. There is no need to pursue further testing.

Hepatitis C cannot affect the HIV test window period. For further information on the situations where your HIV test window may be affected you can visit 4 Situations .


Chris, Volunteer

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