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Hep c/ hiv risk from manicure


Hello I recently got a manicure in Cuba at the resort I was staying at. They had a booth setup for tourists in which they perform manicures. I told the lady that I only wanted my nails painted and as I was looking at polish she began quickly cutting my cuticles as there was also a language barrier. It caught me off guard so I let her complete the cutting of the cuticles with the manicure set she had at her station. I didn't see any blood during the procedure, but one of my cuticles was a bit sore later that evening although I couldn't see any blood being drawn during tge manicure, I thought I saw a small scabbed like area where I was appear to have been nicked. What concerns me though is I did not see her clean the instruments after using them on me she just packed then up and I am freaking out now thinking I may have contracted hep c. The resort that I stayed at is a five star resort with mostly elderly people generally between the ages if 30-60 with max of 750 people staying at this resort. My main concerns are,what if any, chance that I contacted hep c? And am I correct that the chances of hiv are none as it was probably at least 10-15 minutes between me and her last client.



You are correct in that there is no risk for HIV transmission from this activity.

There is a possibility that Hepatitis C could have been transmitted in this way. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus and can be spread by the use of unsterilised manicure equipment. If you would like to seek testing for Hepatitis C, the results are most accurate 10 weeks after the exposure.

In health, Erin