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hi, i have a sex with a hooker for just 20 sec , i have used condom for full protection and after having sex i put on my underwear and jeans along with condom and then i went to washroom and throw my condom in the dustbin and put on the same underwear . do i have chances to get hiv


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

Great job on taking the initiative to use condoms! They're the best way to protect yourself against STI's such as HIV!

Protected sex (with a condom) is considered to be a Low Risk activity for HIV transmission. This means that although there have been a few cases of transmission in this way, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions. In the case of protected sex, a condition would be if the condom broke. If the condom did not break and remained intact, then your risk is greatly diminished.

Overall your risk level is very low, so I wouldn't worry. If you are concerned, an HIV is the best and only way to be certain about your HIV status. HIV tests are conclusive after 12 weeks post exposure, with accurate results beginning around 4 weeks post exposure.

I hope this helped! For more HIV information, please visit avert.org and for more info about safe sex please visit smartsexresource.com.



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