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Hiv 4th generation combo test at 6 months


Had unprotected sex got tested 4 times.
On 29th unclear result
On 44th negative
On 91th negative
And on 189th negative
The thing is that i really doubt all the 3 negative tests because of the unclear test result. How come i tested unclear and then became negative? Is it false negative? Have you seen a case of someone taking more than 6 months to detect hiv antibodies? Do i need more testing?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the accuracy of three negative HIV tests after an HIV test with an unclear result following an unprotected sexual exposure.

Unprotected sex is a High Risk (evidence of transmission through these activities and is the majority of cases of transmission) activity because it meets the three components of the Transmission Equation. Accessing HIV testing after such an exposure is very responsible. After a high risk exposure it is recommended to refer to a physician for an HIV antibody test after 3 months for completely conclusive results (1). Since you have already received testing outside of the window period the most recent results you have received are reliable.

In terms of the test results you have received, it is important to note that if the test is an HIV antibody test, then later the test is taken the more reliable the result. This is because the body will produce more and more antibodies to HIV, creating more antibodies for the test to detect later on. Also, if you have an HIV infection, the antibodies produced will remain detectable for the rest of your life. On the other hand, tests that directly detect HIV antigens, such as p24, are very accurate during early infection, but then lose the ability to be detected later on.

HIV Antigen and Antibody Detection Recommendation: Refer to a physician for other health related questions, since you have already accessed HIV testing outside of the window period.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Marie