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How long does it take for HIV to develop into AIDS? Is 3 years possible? Everything I read says 8-10 years. Is this true or could it be shorter? (without medication)


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HIV is considered to be develop into AIDS after a person has two or more opportunistic infections (infections that arise as a result of a weakened immune system). This is different for every person and depends on many factors including their health before they acquired HIV, presence of other illnesses, lifestyle (if they exercise and eat healthy food), and other factors similar to this. If someone is taking medication it will generally take a lot longer for HIV to progress, but this can be variable as well. The progression of HIV is unique to each individual and there are not many ways to predict the time it will take. There are many people who live many years after being diagnosed with HIV.

I hope this information helps to answer your questions.

For more information about HIV you can always visit the AIDS Vancouver website or CATIE.org.

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