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HIV Anal Bodily Fluids Risk



The other day, I engaged in protected anal sex with a guy who's status I didn't know. We stopped for a second, and I mindlessly stroked my dick with the condom on. Minutes later, I took off the condom and started jerking my dick for a while. Since I touched the condom with some possible bodily fluids (I didn't see any, but who knows). Due to the possible transmission of bodily fluids, what is my risk of HIV? I'm getting tested, but I was just curious of the risk factor.




Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about your risk of acquiring HIV through contact with anal fluid outside of the body.

From the information given, this scenario is determined to be a negligible Risk (There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission). Due to the presence and possible transmission of bodily fluids, there is indeed a negligible risk. However, this risk is significantly reduced due to the transfer having been outside the body. Exposure to oxygen outside of the body (or drying HIV) causes a rapid reduction in HIV concentration (1). HIV is rendered inactive outside of the body when exposed to oxygen or on surfaces (1).

In regards to your concern with the possible presence of anal fluid in particular, there can be a negligible risk for transmission should infected blood within urine/feces come into direct contact with broken skin but HIV is otherwise not transmitted through these two fluids (3).

Please do continue to consistently use condoms as one of the primary methods to protect yourself against HIV transmission (2).

Recommendation: There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission refer to Physician for more personalised answers.

Best, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody