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hiv blood and cuts


So can you please clarify and confirm something with me?

Hiv does not live outside the body. It is a sexual transmitted disease and also can be transmitted through sharing needles. With that being said, those are the only ways you can get hiv and if you do not engage in any of those activities, there is no risk.
That means if hiv blood was on a door knob or a surface or an item you pick up at let's say at the store, and you happen to have open cuts on your hand that were bleeding or just stopped bleeding and you happened to rub up against some surface that was contaminated with hiv blood, then you still are at no risk because you can't get hiv from a surface as it does not transmit from person to object to person? This is all correct right? I'm still worried about my grocery store incident where when I cut my fingers bad 3 days prior at home and the skin tore off and this cut took a while to heal as it finally did. But anyway I washed my hands like 3 times in a row (im ocd with germs)and dried them and then went to grocery store 3 days after the cut happened and was using the hand with the cuts that was a bit deep but not deep enough for stitches it was just deep because a chunk of my skin was missing. I forgot about the cut and was looking for dish soap to buy and kept picking them up and putting them back on the shelf and sometimes my fingers would slightly rub up against the bottles of dish soap. I realized that was happening and looked at my finger and that's when I saw blood in my cut, blood that very well most likely was mine but I can't get it out of my mind that hiv contaminated blood was on something I touched such as the dish soap and when I brushed up against it that blood got in my open cut. That seems a bit ridiculous right? Or perhaps a lot ridiculous. What do you think? My cut could have been starting to bleed again when I washed my hands 3 times before I left to go to the store and maybe I didn't see it. Could have just been irritated from the washing and drying right? But can you tell me that you're 100% sure that even if it was not my blood and it came off of something I touched and it got in my cut that I cannot get hiv that way? Because you can't get it from a person that got it on an object then transferred from the object to me correct?? Does it change anything if this all happened in a particular time frame? Like for instance if the person got blood on it right before I touched it and got it in my cut?? Also i was pushing a shopping cart and had a crumbled up napkin in my hand and it most likely touched the handle to the cart I was pushing. I used this napkin to dab the blood in my cut. Can hiv come off the cart onto my napkin and then in my cut? I looked at the napkin it appeared to be clean but I'm wondering if that is something I should be concerned about regarding getting hiv transmission as well? I know you weren't there but do you think this was my blood I saw coming out of my cut and that my hiv anxiety is making me think it was someone else's blood? Please answer all my questions I would so greatly appreciate it. So also to conclude I DO NOT need to test for hiv or worry I am infected because of this whole scenario correct? This would mean I AM NOT and WAS NEVER at risk right? Thank you. I'm sorry about all the questions but I'm suffering from serious anxiety over this. I just need to know if this is a real risk or not. I'm assuming I'm worrying over nothing but can you confirm and answer all my questions for me please? Thank you.



I'm going to do my best to address each of your questions as I see them above:

1) This is correct. HIV is a human to human virus, and cannot be transmitted from human to surface/object to human. 2) It is not ridiculous, it is just not possible. A lot of people are mininformed about HIV transmission, so it is understandable that this has caused you a lot of fear. However, as i mentioned in question 1, HIV cannot live on a soap dish outside of the human body. 3) As for your cut, it wouldn't matter if your cut was bleeding or not, as your cut was never exposed to the HIV virus, and HIV cannot be transmitted this way, nor has it ever been transmitted this way. 4) It does not change anything if this happened in a specific time frame-HIV dies upon being exposed to oxygen, and cannot survive longer than a few seconds. Regardless of time passing, HIV is a delicate virus, it requires the airtight confines of unprotected sex in order for it to access the mucosal membranes. HIV cannot work against gravity and find its way into the nooks and crannies of your body. 5) Pushing a shopping cart is the same as any other surface, and HIV cannot be transmitted this way.

It is clear to me you know a lot of the correct answers for this, and you are just looking for some reassurance. You are also correct in the fact that you were never at risk- If HIV was able to transmit in this way, everyone would be at risk each and every day. This is just not the case. HIV is transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse or during the sharing of needles. No testing is required for any of the above scenario, and I would suggest you try to put this behind you. No matter how many hypothetical variations you attempt with this situation, you are still not at risk.

I hope this helps to clear things up for you. All the best.