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HIV from cigarete


Dear sir,madame

I took a cigarette from a guy ,there was a new cut in his hand an may there was blood on the filter of the cigarete. I put the cigarete immediately in my mouth and I have some cuts on lips.
May I get HIV by this way

Please answer




Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you are asking about the possibility of acquiring HIV from blood on a cigarette. From the information given, this scenario is considered to be negligible risk (there are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission).

HIV is rendered inactive by exposure to oxygen, but the inactivity is an exponential decay over several hours. However, there has been no documented cases of anyone acquiring HIV from sharing cigarettes.

If you are still concerned or have any questions concerning your case specifically, please speak to your physician.

Thank you and hopefully this helps!

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Sara