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Hiv CMIA test negative 29 days after PEP completion



I had sex with someone on Dec 20 and the condom broke in between. I only realized after finishing. I started PEP in less than 48 hours and took it for 30 days. I tested at 42 days after exposure (11 days after PEP completion) the test was negative. The test I used was HIV CMIA (p24 and Antibody). I took another test (HIV CMIA serum) at 60 days after exposure (29 days after PEP completion) which was also negative

My question is this:

1. Are these test results encouraging?
2. I am planning to take another test at 42 days after PEP completion (74 days after exposure). Have you ever seen post pep test at 28 days turn positive in the future?

I have read on the Internet that HIV 4th gen test are conclusive at 6 weeks by expert. So if my test at 74 days (10 weeks and 4 days after exposure or 42 days after PEP completion) is negative. Can I consider this conclusive?


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question you were asking about the conclusiveness of your negative HIV 4th Generation test results at approximately 10 weeks post exposure, and 42 days after PEP completion.

Most HIV specialists consider this HIV testing method conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure. However, official HIV testing guidelines recommend re-testing at 12 weeks post exposure for completely conclusive results. This testing method has an extremely high accuracy rate, and although you are recommended to seek re-testing at 12 weeks post exposure, you have also received a number of tests prior to your last in conjunction with the effective use of PEP.

In your case, it is safe to say that the combination of these results are very encouraging, and in fact, you should consider yourself HIV negative.

Recommendation: Refer to a physician for other health related questions.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody