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HIV Combo reactive Western Blot Indeterminate


Reactive combo
Reactive p24
Indeterminate Western Blot.
I was ill in hospital in Cambodia prior to testing back home. My symptoms were massive headache, eye pain (very bad pain behind my eyes), vomiting blood, diarrhoea and rash all over my chest and back.
I had vaccines before going away. I was il off and on the whole trip. I had pills for Malaria but did not take them because they made me feel ill. The hospital in Cambodia wasn't really what I would call a hospital, I had no cash and so payment was an ipod I happened to have with me. I was given IV fluids and antibiotics and told it was possibly salmonella.
The type of sex I had was oral, no condom.
Could this illness and vaccine be the reason for the reactive combo?
Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

First of all, I wanted to address your symptoms. There are no specific symptoms of HIV. In fact, certain individuals may never develop symptoms, and for those who do, most symptoms will go away after a few days, or at most, a couple of weeks. This is why the only way to diagnose HIV is to get tested. Because HIV symptoms mirror so many other viral infections or can be explained by other things, we do not go by symptoms here at AIDS Vancouver.

From your question, I can see that you took the P24 antigen test and the 4th Generation EIA (commonly referred to as the "Combo" test). The antigen on HIV that most commonly provokes an antibody response from your body is the protein P24. This test looks for this protein. The Combo test looks for the P24 protein antigens AND the antibodies produced by your body in response to the antigen. Considering that these tests look for the antigen itself, they cannot be affected by your illness or vaccine.

If you are concerned about your results, please consult with a medical professional in order to determine your next steps.

I hope I have answered your question, and feel free to contact us with any further concerns.


Sierra, Helpline Volunteer

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