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HIV fear


hii!! This sounds weird. I have this extreme fear of catching HIV. Sometimes my mind build up stories as to how I would have contracted it. I am not engaged at all in any risky activities. The fear arises from unusual situations. Latest is I fear that I would have drank or washed my eyes with toilet bowl water. The toilet is used only by me and my husband only very few times some friends may have used it. My concern is whether the toilet bowl water has HIV in it? where does the water comes from toilet bowl. Is it mixed with other houses water supply Is there any risk of getting HIV by drinking or splashing toilet bowl water on eyes considering the toilet is used only by me and my husband. I know I would never do this but my mind wants to believe that I have done it. So please help. I am stuck with this thought.


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It seems you are concerned about contracting HIV from casual contact. We are glad to provide some information.

When HIV is exposed to air it does not transmit. For this reason there is no risk of contracting HIV from casual contact. It is not spread by:

  1. Air or water
  2. Mosquitoes, ticks or other insects
  3. Saliva, tears, or sweat that is not mixed with the blood of an HIV-positive person
  4. Shaking hands, hugging, sharing toilets, sharing dishes/drinking glasses, or closed-mouth or “social” kissing with someone who is HIV-positive
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Other sexual activities that don’t involve the exchange of body fluids (for example, touching)

You can read more on this topic from CATIE website.

The Aids Vancouver Helpline Online forum has postings that are related to your question that you can read for additional information. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

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