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hiv by hand to genitl


i did sex with sex worker.i weared condom and intercourse for 10 mintues.after some time we stoped sex and i removed condom . after thet she started handjob.
but i noticed next day she was touching my penis to get into her vagina with finger tips. with that fingers(hand) she gave me handjob.after finish i wash my penis 4.5. times with soap.
i got tridot test on 27th day it was non reactive.
do i need another retest.
now please tell me what is my risk.



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the risk of acquiring HIV. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be Low Risk. Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met For example: Vaginal sex with a condom due to improper use and potential breakage of the condom.

Only certain body fluids—blood, semen (cum), pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk—from a person who has HIV (with a detectable viral load) can transmit HIV. These fluids must come in contact with a mucous membrane or damaged tissue or be directly injected into the bloodstream (from a needle or syringe) for transmission to occur. Mucous membranes are found inside the rectum, vagina, penis, and mouth. Protected vaginal sex is considered a Low Risk as it does involve the exchange of bodily fluids and carries a potential for breakage of the condom, increasing the risk of HIV transmission.

The Tridot tests/Rapid test have (>99% sensitivity and specificity) for patients with chronic infection. However, one study suggests that rapid test may miss up to 12% of acute HIV infections [1] According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 8 percent of HIV-infected people can have a false-negative result when oral in-home tests are used [2]. Official HIV testing guidelines still recommend re-testing with 4th Generation EIA at 12 weeks for completely conclusive results. We recommend getting a 4th generation test within 4-12 weeks post exposure.

Recommendation: Refer to Physician for additional HIV screening at recommended post-exposure dates.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, (Vardah)