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HIV infected semen in water


If hiv infected semen was in water and then some of it went onto a cut, can the hiv be transmitted, really worried becasue it happend to me a while back and ive been getting bad anxiety


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your questions, we're happy to help.

There is No Risk in the situation you describe. This is because HIV is a delicate virus that cannot survive outside of the body. This means that when bodily fluids are outside of the body, such as the semen in water, they're exposed to factors in the outside environment which damage and inactivate the virus, making it unable to transmit to others. This eliminates any risk.

Additionally, the cut you had probably wasn't sufficient to provide direct access to the bloodstream which is necessary for HIV to establish an infection. in order for a cut to provide direct access to the bloodstream, it needs to be severe, such as one that is gushing blood or requires immediate medical attention such as stitches. Normal every day cuts, scratches, bumps, bruises, etc would not be sufficient to transmit HIV.

I hope this helped! For more information about HIV transmission, please visit avert.org.



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