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I did unprotected vaginal intercourse with young 20 year prostitute on 19/02/16 . After 93 days I checked for hiv and all became negative . Now 12 weeks complete I am very worried about my hiv status I have no courage for test know what will I do if it is positive??
Please guide me is there any chance hiv for me? This was my first sex of my life .

I Checked the 4th Gen. Test
( Hiv-1,Hiv-2 ,P24 )

All negative after 93 days

& Tell me please.,
How many days after the person is 100% safe ?


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

Unprotected vaginal sex is considered to be a high risk activity. While we encourage everyone to explore their sexuality, we also encourage the use of protection (such as condoms) in order to practice what is known as "safe sex". Please read through this information sheet on HIV and Safer Sex, posted by a reliable site for HIV related information. As noted on this information sheet, "HIV lives in the sexual fluids of someone with HIV, such as vaginal secretions, semen (cum), pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), rectal mucosa and menstruation blood. Unprotected sex risks HIV transmission, so have safer sex using condoms to prevent contact with your partner’s sexual fluids." Using a condom prevents the transmission of body fluids, which is effective in preventing pregnancy and unwanted STI's, as well as HIV.

In terms of your window period: here in Canada, all tests are considered conclusive 3 months (12 weeks) after your most recent exposure. This means that the 4th Generation test you took at 93 days would be considered conclusive. Congratulations!

Again, while it is great that you are starting to explore your sexuality, please consider practising "safer sex" in order to keep your body happy and healthy.

I hope I was able to answer your question, and feel free to contact us with any further concerns.


Sierra, Helpline Volunteer

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