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HIV or not?


A night before i had sex with my partner and lose my virginity, the sex was without condom, next day i was having pain in my glands and i read the symptoms that swollen glands us symptom of hiv .. Kindly tell me if it is hiv symptom or not ? Though it was my first time.. My penis cover has lil tore up..


Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. My name is Colin and I am happy to help answer your questions.

I hope you both had a pleasurable time during your first sexual experience! I understand you had unprotected sex and have a small injury on your penis and are worried that it could be related to HIV. In the future, I would highly encourage you to use condoms during the sex you have. They are the best protection against HIV and most other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and also reduce friction against your penis cover (foreskin) which will keep it from getting injured. Using lubricant is also a great way to reduce friction and the risk of cuts or tears. I would really recommend you look at the Smart Sex Resource as it has lots of great information about how to have sex safely and comfortably as well as how to avoid STIs and any other discomfort now that you are sexually active.

In terms of the discomfort you've been feeling in your glans, there are no symptoms specifically associated with HIV and there are no symptoms used in the diagnosis of HIV: the only way to be sure of your status is to get appropriate testing at the right time. In the specific encounter you mentioned above, unprotected sex is considered a high risk activity and as such, I would highly encourage you to get tested for HIV and other STIs during the appropriate window period--the time after which tests will give accurate results. In the case of HIV, depending on what is available in your area, most common tests are highly accurate at 4-6 weeks after your exposure and after 12 weeks (3 months; 84 days) are considered conclusive and will not change. In light of that, if you are still feeling pain or discomfort, I would recommend you partner with your doctor to treat any symptoms as they come.

I hope I managed to address your concerns and give you some useful information today. Thank you for contacting the Helpline.

All the best,


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