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HIV positive partner deep kissing.


Thank you for being here for the community. My girlfriend is HIV positive and we wanted some advice regarding safe sex practices . We always use protection and we know the most important rules. However I had dental surgery recently and I engaged in deep kissing her right after the surgery for half an hour. We stopped after we worried about the risk but now we know we made a mistake . What is the risk of me catching HIV given that she is positive ? I'm not sure if she had blood in her mouth .


Hello and thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver with your question.

It's great to hear that you and your girlfriend are working together to ensure that the two of you have a safe and healthy relationship! In terms of your question, it's hard to say exactly what your risk is, but we can approach it from two different sides, and from there we'll see that your risk is likely somewhere in between. Kissing (with no blood present) is considered a no risk activity. Taking someone else's blood into the mouth is considered a low risk activity, meaning that there have been cases of HIV transmission occurring through this activity, but they've usually been under very specific circumstances, such as the person who is taking blood into the mouth having large open sores in the mouth or having recently undergone major dental surgery.

In your case, you aren't sure whether or not your girlfriend had blood in her mouth. However, unless you bit her and drew blood while kissing (which she definitely would have noticed!), or if she also recently had major dental surgery, it's probably unlikely that she had blood in her mouth, and so you're likely sitting more towards the no risk side of things. If you're looking for some other good websites for reliable information, AVERT and CATIE are good ones to start with.

I hope this information helps! Thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver.

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