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HIV risk from Breast Milk of stripper



I am freaking out as I had an encounter yesterday where I breast milk came out from a stripper while I was sucking her breast. She told me that she is clean and she have a 6 month old baby.
What are chances of me getting infected in case the stripper is HIV positive.




There are cases of babies acquiring HIV from their HIV positive mothers through breastfeeding. The HIV virus has been found in breast milk, and it can also be passed from mother to child during feeding if the mother's nipples are cracked and bleeding.

However, there are no recorded cases of any adults acquiring HIV from breast milk. The scenario you've described here poses only a theoretical risk for HIV.

Since this situation poses only a theoretical/negligible risk for HIV you may not choose to get tested. However, we do recommend that all sexually active people get tested regularly for HIV and other STIs. Testing 3 months after a possible exposure will provide you with a conclusive result.