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HIV risk involved in Masturbation


Many Greetings!
I had a very sensual, tantric massage at an establishment.
I had heavy masturbation performed on me, as well as my bottom fingered by the lady.
I am however, feeling a little regretful and am worried whether i have put myself at risk....there was ALOT of sweat and saliva too, which very likely got into my urethra or anus during the session.
Please advise me on me risk and whether testing is warranted.
Thanks a bunch!



Rest assured sweat and saliva do not transmit the virus!

HIV is transmitted during unprotected anal or vaginal sex or via shared needles, as this provide an airtight environment for the virus to be passed.

Mutual masturbation and fingering are negligible for the risk of HIV transmission which means that even though there is body fluid present there has never been a confirmed case of HIV transmitted in this way.

Please take it easy and move on from this situation.

All the best,